Restaurant Inventory Management

Restaurant Inventory Management

Purchasing Approval​

Mobile app based tracking systems that enable complete visibility of each purchase order. Customized settings for approvers and their degree of control.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Stock Count​

Computerized inventory control integrated with POS system to track stock on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Get a constantly available up-to-date perpetual inventory of all ingredients.

Stock Transfer​​

Stock can be ordered and sent to other branches/outlets as and when required. Automated orders based on stock inventory analysis. Easy transfer of stock from central kitchen to multiple outlets.

Food Wastage Control

If you’re not tracking, you’re losing on profit. Identify and manage food/ ingredient wastage by marking areas of loss and theft.

Month End Stock Count Value​

Know inventory quantity and value in real-time at the end of every month. Helps make forecast and calculations for the upcoming month.

Live Inventory Depletion​

Get your inventory counts on your mobile device- track food wastage and theft. Check Real time views and reports along with low inventory alerts.

Recipe Costing & Management

Get a complete cost breakdown of each dish on your menu card through our recipe costing software. Integrates price tracking and real time cost alerts to help you plan your menu and budget.

Product Margin Analysis​

List your most and least profitable items. Plan and optimise the menu, ingredients and preparations based on budget.

We help our customers to reduce food cost and automate supply chain to support their growth.

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