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How it works

For Restaurants

Select your preferred vendors and handle all your procurement in one place. Auto-generated Purchase Order to suppliers via Email, Whatsapp or SMS to save time and reduce human error during procurement process.

Manage Your Profit Margins

Do you find that although your sales keep increasing,

Money still isn’t coming In?

Keep track of your cost

Our cloud based procurement and inventory system that keeps track of everything in one place. Streamline all your procurement, food cost, operational tasks, inventory control and easy sourcing for you to run your business effortlessly.

Optimize with AI technology

We help restaurants forecast purchase and recommended usage of raw ingredients need by analysing reports of weather, past data and holiday calendar key impact point for better food inventory control.

Automate your food supply chain

A customized central kitchen management system that helps you manage multiple outlets with features of AI forecast, smart production module, outlet ordering management, detailed reports on and more.

Digitised Your orders

For F&B Vendors

Manage Incoming POs, track outstanding balance and in-app messaging with your customers.

helping b40 local farmers to adapt in changing economy

In partnership with MDEC 

Marketplace PLATFORM

Check out our latest online Marketplace platform for a new way to source your ingredients with exclusive deals.


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