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“The data helps me make better decisions for the business!”

With Food Market Hub, a lot of the processes becomes simple. It also helps us negotiate better terms with our suppliers.

The Purchase history feature is very helpful for someone who is making a decision, as it gives us so much more information. Helping us to make better decisions for our business.


Our ordering systems are streamlined!

A lot of things are done like a shopping cart style for the outlet. It has really helped us organize and speed up the ordering processes.

Food Market Hub has eliminated a lot of these manual processes and automating them. It has really helped us erase human errors and reduce our wastage because of the automated calculations!


I can manage my paperwork very efficiently!

” Food Market Hub is able to standardize my business and sync my sales order data to invoice instantly, which has saved me 61% of admin hiring cost. One invoice used to take up to 5 minutes, but now I can generate an invoice within 10 seconds, just by clicking 2 buttons!”


Food waste remains one of the biggest cost impacting F&B businesses and their profitability.

“Since we started using Food Market Hub, we are able to track our inventories effectively and have successfully lowered our COGS and achieved 15% increase in our profit margin!”


The best organizer for my staff!

Before we used a lot of paper to record what to buy, and who to buy from, but now my staff can view all the things they need to purchase in one click!

Food Market Hub has also become an organizer for them so now we have less errors in our operations from all staffs, and the management is able to control and visualize all work from my staff!


We can even track variances, inventory levels and costs

“With FMH, the placing of orders and communications between our central kitchen and outlets are quicker and has more traceable as the processes are now digitalised. We can even track variances, inventory levels and costs all through this single FMH platform!

We are now expecting to scale 31% Y-o-Y confidently and further exploring food safety tracking through FMH as well!”


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