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SPF (Seafood, Poultry, Meat)

Delivery fees RM20.00 will apply on order below RM180.00.

NTP (Vegetable, Dry Goods)

Delivery fees RM15.00 will apply on order below RM300.00.

BFH (Chicken)

Minimum order of RM250.00 required.
A delivery fee of RM15.00 will be applied.

SSH (Vegetable, Frozen Product, Dry Goods)

Minimum order of RM 120.00 required.

YS (Vegetable, Fruit)

Minimum order of RM 120.00 required.

DFSSB (Vegetable)

Delivery fees RM7.00 will apply on order below RM80.00.

DTF (Frozen Food)

Minimum order of RM 150.00 required.

NMB (Beef, Lamb)

Minimum order of RM50.00 required.
A delivery fee of RM20.00 will be applied.

CFM (Pork, Seafood, Dim Sum)

Minimum order of RM 150.00 required.

PTD (Frozen Cooked Food)

A delivery fee of RM15.00 applies for every purchase.


Minimum order of RM 0.00 required.

Fruit Express (Fruits)

Minimum order of RM50.00 required.
A delivery fee of RM12.00 will be applied.

DK (Durian)

Minimum order of RM200.00 required.
A delivery fee of RM10.00 will be applied.

Takeaway Groceries Butcher Store (Organic Pork, Antibiotic Free Pork)

Delivery fees RM10.00 will apply on order below RM120.00.

DSFK (Seafood)

Minimum order of RM 250.00 required.