Return & Refund Policy

FMH Group Sdn. Bhd. is committed to ensure everything in its website and services reach your satisfaction. For Return & Refund issue(s), you can contact us directly, and/or refer below:

1. FMH Return & Refund Policy
Good(s), product(s), item(s) or service(s) provided and/or fulfilled and/or shipped and/or handled by FMH, including Warehouse Deals or Fulfill-by FMH Account, can be returned within fourteen (14) days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them. In most cases, a direct reimbursement will be available for Retailers. However in specific cases, a credit note (also known as Credit) will be input into the Retailer's’ account. Please contact for direct clarification.
2. Supplier Return & Refund Policy
When you order from a supplier that fulfills and ships its own inventory (also called a third-party seller, as most supplier within FMH), your return will be sent back to the seller instead of FMH. While most suppliers offer a returns policy equivalent to FMH Return & Refund Policy, some supplier return & refund policies may vary. You can view the Supplier's return policy before you purchase an item by viewing the Returns and Refunds Policy section of the checkout and/or Supplier's profile page. If the Retailer's request of Return & Refund has been successful and as the order of point number 4, 5, 6 and 7 as below, the Third-party Supplier must either:
  • provide a return address within Malaysia and provide a prepaid return label; or
  • offer a full refund without requesting that the item be returned
Returns for items purchased from via delivery with services must be scheduled for pick up or exchange. If a Supplier does not schedule a return, or is non-responsive to schedule an appointment to return your items, you may file a FMH 100% Guarantee claim to seek help with your return at
3. FMH Retailers and Fairness Insurance Policy
If are sending the item within Malaysia and the order is valued at RM 100.00 or more, retailers are required to insure the shipment for the value of the merchandise and ship your return with a signature shipping service. Items valued over RM 50.00 must be returned to the supplier with a trackable shipping service. If a package doesn't arrive and you don't use a trackable method to return or if you refuse the shipment as a method of return, we may not be able to cover you under the FMH 100% Guarantee program. Note: If the supplier’s listing is part of FMH’s Enterprise plan, it will be subject to the same return policies as items fulfilled by FMH that are outlined as point number
4. Documents required for a valid Return & Refund
You may request for a return and refund due to any of the following reasons:
  • Proof of purchase (order number, quotation, invoice, receipt)
  • Reason for refund/replacement has to be valid and return acceptance conditions met (check out below)
  • A Complete submission of FMH’s 3R (Return, Refund & Replacement) Form.
  • FMH and/or suppliers will take action depending on the refund or replacement
5. Requirements for a Return & Refund Submission
You may request for a return and refund due to any of the following reasons:
  • Damaged - The product SKU arrived with damaged exterior packaging. The item should remain unopened, and 3 clear photographs should be taken of the product.
  • Defective - The product SKU arrived with damaged interiors, only noticeable after packaging has been opened.
  • Wrong Product - The product SKU does not match the quotation / invoice / receipt.
  • Late Delivery - The products were sent late after three (3) working days without any confirmation and communication from the Supplier to Retailer.
  • Almost Expiry Products - The products delivered by the suppliers are almost expired [Less than three (3) months] without informing the buyers (or on product description) beforehand.
6. Steps on How To Submit Return & Refund
  1. If you have ordered good(s), product(s), item(s) or service(s) via FMH’s website and found that the good(s), product(s), item(s) or service(s) you received isn’t
  2. Replacements are processed via our suppliers who will provide you with the exact same SKU of a non-damaged / non-defective nature.
  3. During delivery - Replacements can be handled directly with the supplier if replacements are available on the delivery truck.
  4. Within 24 hours after delivery - 3 clear photographs should be taken of the product (to demonstrate i) wrong product ii) damaged iii) defective.
  5. The product should then be stored in the appropriate room tempature, chilled, frozen facility until pick up is arranged by the supplier.
  6. In the case of the defective product, in which packaging has been opened, the product should be packed properly to allow for handling by the supplier (EG no loose pieces, spillage etc)
  7. Please click here to fill up our replacement form, with your order number, and attach the 3 clear photographs along with a description of the reason for replacement.
  8. Our supplier will be in touch with you to clarify the situation.
  9. Once approved, our supplier will arrange a delivery timing for your replacement and to pick up the product.