New Cuttlefish 80/100

RM 13.20 / PACK

New Mini Octopus

RM 13.80 / PACK

New Sotong Tube

RM 10.50 / PACK

New Sotong Ring

RM 12.10 / PACK

New Sea White HOSO 2125

RM 46.80 / BLOCK

New Sea White HOSO 2630

RM 40.70 / BLOCK

New Sea White HOSO 3140

RM 38.50 / BLOCK

New Sea White HOSO 4150

RM 29.70 / BLOCK

New BT HOSO 1315

RM 48.40 / BLOCK

New BT HOSO 1620

RM 40.70 / BLOCK

New BT HOSO 2125

RM 37.40 / BLOCK

New BT HOSO 2630

RM 35.20 / BLOCK

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Our goal is to automated paper-based purchasing through e-Procurement which will save productive time so that your team can spend on operational tasks instead of tedious purchase processes.

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Supply Chain Management Service

Our goal is to work alongside your brand to identify areas for improvement and help you to make decisions that drive increased productivity, greater efficiency, and measurable business results.

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Decrease Purchasing Cost. Retailers depend on supply chains to quickly distribute costly products to avoid sitting on expensive inventories.
  • Decrease Production Cost. Reliable delivery of materials to assembly plants avoids any costly delays in manufacturing.
  • Decrease Total Supply Chain Cost. Design a network that meets customer service goals which gives businesses a competitive edge in marketplace.

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Efficient Software

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Who we are?

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We are dedicated to build a sustainable F&B ecosystem and provide faster, cheaper & reliable way for better sourcing experience.
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