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We help hotels tailor build cloud based ERP solutions for easy management of all F&B outlets. Our system achieves, transparency, boosts efficiency and reduce wastage by integrating with your existing PMS.

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Level of authority

We create accounts for different level of authority to approve purchase orders.

Seamlessly manage all orders online

Take real time purchase orders from outlets with accuracy and reduce labor on manually ordering.

Customize your Inventory Level

Set up Par stock, reorder level and ordering templates.

Smart recipe production

Easily generate work orders to your chefs with custom made recipe modules.

Reduce your wastage

By integrating with your PMS systems, we are able to have an AI forecast based on past data of occupancy, peak seasons and weather forecast for a better understanding of usage.


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Our Standard Outlet Solutions are built for all types of single outlet F&B Business, it is a great fitfor cafe, restaurant, bakery and more. As we solely focus on F&B, our solutions might not be suitable for other business types.
Contact our team, we would get back to you within 2-3 business days. Our team would schedule a meeting with you and have a discussion based on your operational flow and issues your business is currently facing whether on procurement or inventory. They will consult you on what our systems are able to offer and what fits best for your business.
No extra hardware needed. We are a cloud based system, users can easily access through our mobile app or website supported on iOS, Android and Windows devices.
Average lead time would take 2 weeks for standard outlet. Our team would work closely with your assigned person in charge to compile data and implementation process.
Yes, we would have a full day training with all your staff once system is ready to go live. Our tech team is always here to answer your questions as well.

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