Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions

Restaurant Supply Management

Outsource your procurement to us and we will plan and consolidate purchase for you. We will help you achieve lower food cost and JIT (Just-in-time) inventory with our cold chain logistics and warehousing solutions.

Accounting & POS

This system supports integration with many popular accounting systems such as SQL Accounting, Quickbook, Autocount, Master and Million. No more double entries.

Notifications & Alerts

Purchasers and suppliers can select preferred notification methods to receive purchase orders. No more missing orders from suppliers and restaurant operation staff.

Supply Management

Helps you manage supplies from central kitchen to other outlets and view stock entry, wastage reports, etc.

Recipe Cost Calculator & Management

Our recipe costing software helps in estimating food costs and generate real time price tracking/updates to help you plan your menu and budget.

We help our customers to reduce food cost and automate supply chain to support their growth.

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