Restaurant Food Supplier Sales System (B2B)

B2B Module Made Easy

Sales mobile app designed for F&B Supplier/Distributor to digitize their sales process by producing e-SO/DO/Invoice. Supplier can sponsor a restaurant to join for free.

Product Maintenance​

Real-time interaction between food suppliers and restaurants. Helps to bring up customer satisfaction levels by delivering fresh, good quality products as and when required.

Supply Chain Financing​

Use of advanced financial tools to facilitate smooth payments between buyers and suppliers.

Multi Pricing Tag​

Easy to manage and control pricing at multiple locations and from multiple vendors.

Promotion Module​

Promote your products by controlling the brand appearance on the software, setting up customized catalogs, accessing the available network of food joints/restaurants, and expanding your business.

Salesman Module​

Our sales mobile apps replicate the salesman’s job by marketing and selling the products, digitizing the sales process, and auto-generating e-SO/DO/Invoices. AI solutions to help your sales managers make focussed efforts, identify hidden opportunities, customer segmentation and plan pricing strategies.

Shipment Module​

Brings in all the suppliers to a single marketplace to make international ship vessels be able to order everything they need easily. Our main activity consists in the delivery of products that are needed on board of ships.

Communication with Restaurants

Online ordering systems that give restaurant owners real-time information on product availability, invoices, status, etc. Quick and transparent communication channels help increase B2B sales.

We help our customers to reduce food cost and automate supply chain to support their growth.

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