Restaurant Purchasing Management

Restaurant Purchasing Management

Mobile app designed to control restaurant outlet purchasing and inventory focused on food cost, wastage, inventory control, stock count and stock transfer.

Purchasing Approval​

Quick and transparent access to purchase orders and the approval process. Tracks completed and pending approvals as well as rejections.

MOQ and Max order Quantity Control

Cloud based inventory management system that helps you control the selling quantity in real-time. Get accurate demand forecasts to streamline your productivity.

Multi Purchase Order in Single Click

Add several products in your purchase order line with a single click. Easy and quick quotation generation for the selected products.

Urgent and Remark

Vendors can read, add or edit the Purchase orders and add remarks through their Mobile App.

Individiual Catalog

Create personalized directory where real-time changes in cost, new products, etc getting automatically updated. Our B2B ordering platforms help to customize your product catalogs (with images, barcodes and prices) for each of your customers.

Budget Control

Ingredient wise breakdown of the dishes on your menu using costing software. Track pricing updates and real-time cost alerts to plan your inventory based on budget.

Vendor/Supplier Integration

Collaborative model using AI to give forecasts that help the vendors and suppliers to work together. Suppliers get to see forecasts of demand peaks and vendors get assurance of product availability.

Interactive Communication

Analysis of real-time data to make accurate predictions helps in reaching the target customers at a personal level, creating deeper, meaningful interactions. We create open vendor/supplier communication channels

We help our customers to reduce food cost and automate supply chain to support their growth.

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