Solutions for Chain Restaurants & Cafes (Multi-Outlets)

Restaurant Purchasing Management

Mobile app designed to control purchasing management of chain restaurant outlets.


Manage food cost easily.

Central Kitchen ERP

Built-in powerful central kitchen ERP to take care of sales, purchasing, production, recipe, inventory, barcode and planning. 

Supply Chain Outsourcing

Outsource your procurement to us and we will help you consolidate purchasing.

Achieve lower food cost and JIT inventory with our cold chain logistics and warehousing.

Inventory/Sales Forecasting with AI​

Forecast your sales and raw ingredient requirements by using past inventory data, weather and holiday calendar.

Our machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI) engine will help predict it for you!

Restaurant Inventory Management​

Mobile app designed to control inventory management of chain restaurant outlets.


Manage food wastage, inventory control, stock count and stock transfer easily.

We help our customers to reduce food cost and automate supply chain to support their growth.

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