Central Kitchen ERP

Central Kitchen Management System

Build in powerful central kitchen ERP to take care of sales, purchasing, production, recipe, inventory, barcode and planning. Power with inventory PAR (Periodic Automatic Replenishment) level control.

Sales Management

Track sales, purchase and cost management between the central kitchen and other facilities. Helps you manage sales between multiple locations while keeping track of production and delivery at the warehouse level.

Purchase Management​

Easy to use purchasing mobile apps that allow managers to submit purchase orders, manage vendors and check the deliveries into storage.

Inventory Par Level Control

With system-suggested ordering mechanism and assessment of sales forecast, it is easy to set the par level of your inventory at an appropriate level. The Inventory par level is used to keep track of the stock in the inventory and ordering of new stocks.

Food Inventory Control

Get instant alerts on your mobile device for inventory counts, inventory value in real-time, and track food wastage and theft.

Production Control​

Our production control software journals item recipes at a central production unit to manage consistency in quality. Actual production, transfer of produced stocks to branch outlets can be tracked.

Production Batch Control

Software-based production volume planning depending on requisitions at various outlets. This includes raw material requirement planning, and batch wise dispatch to each outlet along with automated production reports.

Recipe Management​

Assessment of the profitability of your menu items using recipe costing software. Get automated price updates, real-time cost alerts, price tracking. Improve your menu based on your budget.

We help our customers to reduce food cost and automate supply chain to support their growth.

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