Tender Hearts Café: Championing Inclusion, Acceptance & Equality For Special Needs

We talked to the owner of Tender Hearts Cafe, Ms. Sharon about her inspiration behind starting the cafe and how she feels using Food Market Hub’s system for her business.

Walk into Tender Hearts Café on the 2nd floor of Summit USJ and you will be immediately greeted with a warm smile and an enthusiastic welcome. A cozy café with hand-painted murals on the wall, Tender Hearts Café is a 100% social enterprise, dedicated to help special needs youth find employment, learn how to bake and cook.

Sharon, a mother to a special needs child herself, was inspired to start Tender Hearts Café in 2016 as she felt inspired to do something for this group of young adult, who she says, are capable in so many ways, if everyone just gave them a chance and time to learn and adapt. 

In fact, Sharon praised the capability of the current batch of employees who have been trained and guided in their everyday tasks at the café for the past two years. She exclaimed that they are perfectly able to manage a café (minus the heavy cooking, of course).

Aside from the warm greeting and service, customers come to Tender Hearts Café for their home-cooked food, which Sharon proudly states has no MSG or preservatives. The young employees assist with the preparations and sometimes are in-charge of baking. Their signature chocolate chip and walnut cookies have sold up to 100,000 pieces after the Movement Control Order (MCO) was lifted.

So how does a social enterprise sustain their business? Sharon shared that Tender Hearts Café could have never sustained their business just by walk-in café customers. That’s why they are so blessed to have received catering orders from corporate and universities. They receive catering orders three to four times per month and serve up to 50 pax.

However, whenever they had a catering order Sharon and her team would have to go to the hypermarket for their groceries, sometimes pushing two to three trolleys at once, which was very inconvenient.

After using Food Market Hub’s system, Sharon says it has changed her life. Her food procurement process is so much easier as she now orders all her groceries via Food Market Hub’s app. Her purchase orders are digitalized and inventory management has been so much easier and time-saving.

The next time you are in Subang Jaya, or in need of catering services for an event, do check out what Sharon and her team can offer at Tender Hearts Café.

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