Inventory System for F&B (Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Central Kitchen, Kiosk, Food Court)

Inventory Software for F&B
                                          Inventory Software for F&B

Food Market Hub Inventory Management for F&B

Food Market Hub Inventory Software is an cloud + mobile solution that helps F&B businesses such as Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Central Kitchen, Food Court and Kiosk to optimize their stock and simplify workflow management to maintain inventories in a cost-effective manner.

Cost Control, Operation Control, Recipe Card

  • Cost control – By control the wastage, F&B operator can reduce cost significant.
  • Operation control – you can control purchasing, sales, picking list, receiving, production order, wastage, recipe all at single software.
  • Integration with Outlet – You can have your outlet place order using mobile apps and the order all the way go to your central kitchen without required manual entry
  • Recipe Card – You can put in all your processed item recipe and we will update it with latest purchase price, so you will know your COGS very well.
  • Recipe Yield – Not just that, we support Yield to help you control your recipe wastage precisely.
  • Barcode – We support barcode & FIFO at Food Market Hub to help you control the production batch better and track where all the production product deliver.

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