Food Market Hub is more than e-Procurement system for F&B

Food Market Hub not just cover e-Procurement for F&B (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Canteen Operator, Catering), Food Market Hub has powerful and AI powered Inventory system that designed for F&B which support Auto UOM conversion (packaging size) . The system can auto switch the packaging calculation so user can use one size for ordering, one size for receiving and one size for recipe. Such design make it flexible for F&B operator to deal with Recipe and Stock Count.

Food Market Hub come with complete and powerful Central Kitchen module which support sales order, delivery order, Invoice, Purchasing, Production, Recipe, Inventory, Barcode Tracing and inventory variance dashboard.

With Food Market Hub, you no longer need your HQ admin to manual enter PO, Purchasing Invoice, DO, and even logistics planning. All can be automated and greatly reduced your HQ admin work to prepare the daily work.Every order from outlet to central kitchen to supplier can be integrate all the way to accounting system. 


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