How FK Supply decreased 87% of their admin hiring cost!

Leong Tin Fui – Director of FK Supply 

FK supply managed to save 61% of admin hiring cost, save 83.33% time on data entry, and manage to scale his business!

Tin Fui is now FK Supply’s director after taking over his father Fui Keong’s business in recent years. He said, “Having a 9 to 5 job is amazing. You can rest at night and on weekends. But ever since he took over the family business, he’s been working almost 24 hours a day!” However if he were to choose, he’d still very much like to have his current job because he just can’t sit still. So in his free time, he’ll visit the farm and check up on farmers. He loves socializing with farmers, finding out better ways to produce fresh vegetables and exchanging knowledge from the internet with farmers working on the ground. 

FK supply

FK Supply is a fruits and vegetable supplier that has been using Food Market Hub for the past 6 months. The name FK is actually his father’s initials. FK Supply was established in 1999 and has been supplying fruits and vegetables to restaurants for more than 20 years. 50% of their vegetables are imported from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Pakistan. Whereas the other 50% are farmed locally in Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Slim River, Ulu Yam, and Klang.

To ensure his customers are always satisfied, they send out goods to their customers within 24 hours upon harvesting. He also requests that the farmers soak the goods in cold water to reduce heat and preserve freshness when the items arrive at their respective destinations. All goods in his warehouse are filtered one by one to discard parts that will affect the quality of their supplies. However, these unused parts are not simply thrown away. Some are actually donated to our national zoo. In a week, He donates 0.5-1 tonne of food on average. His bestsellers include, Kang kung, Bayam, and others.

Discovering Food Market Hub 

Tin Fui is usually occupied with operational work such as packaging the goods, filtering them, and unloading tonnes of goods from the loading truck. Usually, he settles paperwork from 6pm-12pm. Since this part of the job is done on a routine basis, he hired a few app developers to automate this part, but these ventures weren’t successful. So when he stumbled upon Food Market Hub he was quite fearful of using it. However, His dad did encourage him to try new things, so he could learn from each experience. He also thought that there was nothing left to lose, since productivity in the business is already at its lowest. Hence, he took that leap of faith and joined us. 

After 6 months of Using Food Market Hub’s solution

Standardization of business operations

“The name of vegetables varies from one another, some use english, cantonese to call the goods, and it confuses them when ordering the goods. So usually we will have to ensure that the customers order the correct products by double confirming with them.

Moreover, all customers communicate with different suppliers using different channels, so it is confusing for us and for them to track what they actually ordered. Hence, after Using Food Market Hub, all our customers order under one platform, which makes both party’s lives much easier.

When ordering, they are able to view their purchasing history, so they only have to reorder, with just a few clicks of a button, so selection of products will be accurate. Moreover, with pictures in the app, it allows them to see clearly what they are ordering, since some vegetables have different names, when you’re from different etnik groups in Malaysia.” said Tin Fui 

“Restaurants also order using different languages from FK supply, and they will have to manually translate them, so that the person in charge of stock picking will understand clearly what has been ordered. Food Market Hub solves this issue by translating everything within the app so I don’t have to do the job.” Tin Fui claimed. 

Sync of data 

Tin Fui used to manually type attributes from the purchase order into the invoice. This process usually takes up to 5 minutes for an order, and when large orders come in, it may take up to more than 15 minutes per customer. Since it is hand typed, this process is prone to errors in the data transition. With Food Market Hub, he can do the same thing, just by clicking on 2 buttons and it’s good to go! An invoice can be generated in 10 seconds!

Saved time in data entry

He used to allocate 6 hours of his time from 6pm-12am or even later just to settle his paperwork. However, since an invoice can be generated within seconds, he is able to complete everything within an hour! That is 83.33% of his time saved in a day! Now he can allocate the remaining time to focus on improving the quality of goods and ensure utmost customer satisfaction in his business.

Hiring cost saved 

With less time needed to do the job, hiring an admin costs a lot. He used to hire up to 5 admins to work the night shift till wee hours, but now, 2 admins is sufficient to complete all paperwork! That’s equivalent to 61% of his costs in admin hiring saved! 

Scalability of business

Digitization has made his business scalable and productivity rate has been boosted tremendously. FK supply can now accept larger order quantities, and more paperwork can be settled with just a few clicks. “Moreover, even when I’m not around, someone else can easily finish my task for me,” said Tin Fui. 

Overall customer experience improved

As a supplier, when customers are introduced to an app, they will be perceived as an advanced company. They also will not experience as many errors in receiving goods from FK supply since their data are well sorted out. Theywill also know what to expect when it comes to what they have purchased through the app because purchase history and pictures will be provided upon ordering.   

Challenges of using Food Market Hub

In the 6 months of using Food Market Hub, no doubt there were a few challenges along the way. “We experienced bugs in the system once in a while. However, their support system is great. I called them at night, after working hours and they were able to handle my situation right there and then.” said Tin Fui. 

Final Sentiments

“Overall, Food Market Hub is a very user-friendly app to use and I would highly recommend other suppliers to use this app as well.” said Tin Fui. 

To watch full video of FK Supply’s interview on Facebook, click here.

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