AI and Big Data Powered Supply Chain for F&B and Horeca

Food Market Hub ( goal is to offer AI and Big Data Powered Supply Chain for F&B. Through AI and Big Data study, Food Market Hub can accurate restaurant inventory system based on POS sales. Food Market Hub can automated restaurant ordering system, which ensures that the right ingredients are ordered in the right quantity at the right time to fulfill restaurant demand and provide low inventory term at outlet level to reach lean inventory and reduce wastage. Provide transparent tractability of ingredients from farm to fork.

By outsource your supply chain to food market hub, restaurant operators can get some dramatic results. Here are some typical examples:

Forecast accuracy increased to 85-90%.
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) reduced by 5-10%.
Inventory levels reduced radically across the entire network, including by as much as 50% at the restaurant level or reach 3 days term for outlet level.
Available shelf-life increased by 50% at the restaurant level.
Waste reduced by as much as 75%.
Near perfect fill rates.
Reduced cycle times for ordering, replenishment and delivery

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